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Recognized by Court TV, Dateline, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Netflix Eric Bland is an award winning attorney, media personality, speaker, and host of the globally recognized “Cup of Justice” podcast. Eric became a prominent figure in the legal community in a meteoric rise to fame while representing victims in the Murdaugh saga which captured international attention.


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Meet Eric “EB” Bland

Eric Bland is an award-winning attorney, speaker, author and globally recognized podcast host. Featured on Court TV, The Today Show, and Good Morning America, he hosts the top-ranking “Cup of Justice” podcast. A member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Eric secured the highest legal malpractice jury verdict in South Carolina’s history. He and his partner exposed Alex Murdaugh’s financial crimes, recovering over $9.25 million for victims. Eric has made over 250 TV appearances and featured in over 3,000 news articles. His work is celebrated in numerous major media outlets, cementing his status as a leading legal voice. His memoir, “Anything But Bland” is set to release in the summer of 2024. He resides with his wife Renee and beloved dogs in South Carolina.

Meet Eric "EB" Bland

Anything But Bland by Eric Bland

Follow the remarkable journey of attorney Eric “EB” Bland, a man who turned childhood adversity into triumph. The attorney recalls his childhood, marked by bullying, his father’s job loss, and the indomitable spirit that propelled him into law and ultimately international recognition during the Alex Murdaugh trial.

Work with Eric Bland

  • Representation

    As a globally recognized and award-winning attorney, Eric’s proven track record and strategic approach has been recognized by many of the major media outlets in the world.

  • Speaking

    Celebrated for his engaging and accessible power of storytelling, Eric is a sought-after speaker on law and leadership. He also hosts the globally recognized “Cup of Justice” podcast.

  • Consulting

    Known for his passion, discipline, and integrity, Eric works with high-profile leaders in their respective disciplines on their strategy for creating the life they deserve.

  • Media Request

    As a sought-after media personality, Eric is recognized for his ability to break down complex legal issues and provide insightful commentary for audiences around the world.

  • U

    Expert Witness

    With 36+ years of experience and a deep understanding of legal intricacies, Eric brings forth a wealth of knowledge and support in navigating complex legal cases.

Read What People Have Been Saying About EB.


Cups up! Just wanted to thank you for offering help to the jurors. Given the Murdaugh body count, and the Murdaugh family tentacles, I’m sure the jurors are concerned for their safety.

Johnnie E.

Cup of Justice Listener

Eric, I want to take a moment at the conclusion of this case, and tell you how much I appreciated your input and work on all forms of media … Continue the good work. I will continue to listen to “Cup of Justice.” Justice was served tonight.

Dave E.

Principal/COO Timber Lake and Dickson

EB you are so well spoken and always explain things in a way that those of us who aren’t familiar with all the terms of the law can understand. Appreciate you and all you’re doing for the victims! Keep up the good work!


Cup of Justice Listener
Eric Bland is single handedly restoring my faith in the legal system. He is doing everything a real lawyer should do which is ultimately being a passionate and fearless advocate for your client. As a lawyer in the 14th circuit I can’t describe how refreshing and heartening it is to see someone in his position say what needs to be said and not back down.

Name Withheld

Eric Bland should be head the FBI, the United States Attorney General, head of DOJ, or the next South Carolina Attorney General. He stopped the good ole boy system. He’s brilliant, he’s courageous, he is worthy of being called a hero. He’s a rare breed.

Donna M

Defense Attorney
I simply wanted to share how much I have appreciated your clearly articulated and easy to understand insights and expertise…Your ability to balance your knowledge and experience with an ease of both explaining and provoking thought is a gift. Thank you for sharing so willingly and kindly.

Richard C

MMP & COJ Listener
I love [Cup of Justice] and everything it stands for. I watched this week’s financial crimes trial on YouTube yesterday and I want to say that Eric Bland stole the show. He was incredible and brought me to tears more than once. His passion and care for his clients was palpable.. What a class act he is. Thank you all for what you do and keep up the good work!


Cup of Justice Listener
You are making a HUGE impact in a wonderful way, you have a ton of fans rallying behind you, you have a beautiful family who love you, and two super cute pups that adore you! Focus on those things and keep filling that cup of justice

Michelle S

If you want the truth and honest real journalism then you came to the right podcast. Love how there is no sugarcoating of the situation. The country needs more honest lawyers like Eric Bland…

Tammy K

Cup of Justice Listener

Really enjoyed the article in the Phila. Inq. about you and the SC trial; but more than that, I enjoyed the cheesesteak segment. I love Dalesandro’s but never tasted Pudges, must visit on my next visit to Philly; my hometown…You certainly represented our hometown better than other attorneys have on national TV.

Rich A