Meet Eric “EB” Bland

Recognized by Court TV, Dateline, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, and Netflix, Eric Bland is an award winning attorney, media personality, speaker, and host of the globally recognized “Cup of Justice” podcast. Eric became a prominent figure in the legal community in a meteoric rise to fame while representing victims in the Murdaugh saga which captured international attention.

As an award winning and seasoned legal professional, Eric has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the law practice he founded with partner Ronnie Richter. His knowledge extends across various facets of the law, making him a trusted and sought-after advisor in complex legal matters. Notably, his profound insights and analytical skills have earned him acclaim on national and international platforms.

Beyond his legal prowess, Eric is known for his unwavering dedication to client advocacy and the pursuit of justice. His commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards and delivering favorable outcomes for his clients has solidified his reputation as a respected legal professional.

As a distinguished member of the legal community, Eric continues to make significant contributions to the field, leaving an indelible mark on those he serves and the broader legal landscape.

Eric resides in South Carolina with his beautiful wife Renee, and is the proud father of daughter Sydney and son Davis. The Blands are also avid dog lovers who support animal advocacy groups around the country.