Anything But Bland by Eric Bland

Follow the remarkable journey of attorney Eric “EB” Bland, a man who turned childhood adversity into triumph. The attorney recalls his childhood, marked by bullying, his father’s job loss, and the indomitable spirit that propelled him into law and ultimately international recognition during the Alex Murdaugh trial.

Guided by the ethos of 12 transformative life principles, “Anything But Bland” offers a roadmap for success in both life and business. These principles, rooted in Bland’s experiences, range from the power of organization and a sense of urgency to the importance of truth, leadership, and resilience. With vivid recollections from challenges and triumphs framing each chapter, Bland shares his insights on everything from being mean when it counts to the value of a steel-trap memory.
The book seamlessly weaves Bland’s personal notes, capturing his dedication to hard work and the insatiable pursuit of justice. He emphasizes that success isn’t about luck; it’s earned through skill and hard work.

“Anything But Bland” is not just a guidebook but a memoir of triumph over life’s challenges. Bland shares his unfiltered wisdom, including the importance of being prepared, betting on oneself, and going after dreams aggressively. The narrative unfolds with gripping stories from his life, including his work during the trail of the century, breaking through concrete ceilings, and the chaos he both loves and creates.

The book is a testament to the enduring power of Bland’s principles, encouraging readers to embrace the pursuit of excellence. Readers are left inspired to continue their journey towards success and resilience, leaving a legacy of “good skill” in their wake.

“Anything But Bland” is not just a book; it’s a manifesto for those seeking triumph over adversity and a guide for anyone aspiring to reach their full potential.