Hire Eric Bland for a speaking engagement.

Eric’s keynotes cover a range of topics, from dissecting legal strategies in high-profile cases to imparting invaluable insights on personal branding, leadership, and a set of guiding principles applicable to both personal and professional spheres. Each keynote offers a transformative experience, leaving the audience with actionable takeaways and a renewed perspective on navigating challenges and achieving success in their respective fields.

  • Navigating the Murdaugh Trial: Lessons in Legal Strategy

    • Analyzing high-profile cases: Insights into handling complex legal matters and high-stakes trials.
    • Strategic decision-making: Understanding the critical choices and tactics employed during the Murdaugh trial.
    • Media management: Effective communication and reputation management in the public eye.
  • Crafting Your Legal Identity: Personal Branding for Lawyers

    • Building a distinctive brand: Strategies for lawyers to establish a unique and memorable professional identity.
    • Online presence: Leveraging digital platforms to enhance visibility and credibility.
    • Ethical considerations: Balancing personal branding with ethical responsibilities in the legal profession.
  • Leadership in the Legal Arena: Guiding Principles for Success

    • Inspirational leadership: Fostering a positive and collaborative work environment within legal teams.
    • Adaptable leadership: Navigating challenges and uncertainties in the legal field with resilience.
    • Mentorship and empowerment: The role of leaders in nurturing the next generation of legal professionals.
  • The 12 Principles: A Roadmap for Personal and Professional Excellence

    • Principle-driven living: Integrating a set of core principles into personal and professional decision-making.
    • Goal setting and achievement: Using the 12 principles as a guide for setting and reaching ambitious goals.
    • Continuous improvement: Embracing a mindset of growth and adaptability for sustained success.